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My name is Sasha Smith, and I want to handcraft a charm masterpiece for you.

Charm design has been my passion since I was a child collecting dangle charms for my chain bracelet. I was well-recognized in school due to the constant jingle jangle of my charm-laden wrist.

As an adult, I learned that charm collecting was not enough, and I started handcrafting my own charms to fit the holes in my collection. This led to the natural maturation of my skill and the opening of my business.

I make most of my charms in my shop in San Pedro, California, but I am also a collector. I mix-and-match the old and new styles to create unique, one-of-a kind pieces that are conversation starters.

I also love jewelry trends, and my custom engraving allow me to branch into the latest trends of bangle charm bracelets.

Contact me at if you would like to submit and order or if you just want to know more about what I do. I’d love to chat!