Handcrafted charm bracelets by Sasha Smith

Charms have been around since prehistoric times, and my handcrafted charm bracelets are inspired by the evolution of charms. From caveman to Italian artisan, my charm bracelets and charms range from simplistic statements to complicated artistry.

Keeping it simple

Simplicity is not unfashionable. In fact, the hottest trend in the charm industry is simple, bangle charm bracelets. My bangle bracelets have personally engraved messages that keep the pieces heartfelt but chic.

Some customers have their children’s names engraved on the pieces, or they bejewel the charms with the birthstones of their children. It doesn’t have to be family-oriented, and many prefer to have words of inspiration engraved, such as ‘love’ and ‘hope’. The possibilities are endless.

Monochromatic charm bracelets are also trending, and all-silver or all-copper charm bracelets are commonly seen on the arms of celebrities. The use of a single-color on the bracelet and charms elevates a jewelry type that has been deemed trite. In fact, fashion charms often lack the sentimental nature of traditional charm bracelets and are solely designed to be in vogue.

Complex and artistic

While simple charms and bracelets are the hottest trend, charm lovers cannot deny appreciation for the artistic endeavors of charm producers. Glasswork by charm artists is beautiful and colorful. Artisans are careful to include special details that make every glass charm unique.

The charms can be combined to create complex collections of color that reflect light and are outright beautiful. They are not simple, but they are always fashionable.

Italian charms

Italian charms have dominated the charm bracelet market for years, and they are still going strong despite other trends. The versatility of these bracelets is what drives charm lovers to this style, and they put everything on their bracelets from enamel charms that represent memories to actual photos that are miniaturized and attached. In this way, there are also endless possibilities. The beauty of the Italian charm bracelet is that they go with everything, and Christmas charms can be worn alongside camping charms without clashing.

Order handcrafted charm bracelets

Most of my crafting occurs in my shop in San Pedro, CA. I am a versatile charm bracelet craftsman, so my pieces can be designed per your wants, and I love creative challenges.

If you have a design you’d like to order or want to check out available designs, please contact me at this link. I’m excited to keep the charm bracelet evolution alive through custom, handcrafted charm bracelets.